In Memory Mrs. Gyuláné Kozma

Mrs. Gyuláné Kozma (Ildikó Székely), founder of the András Pető International Association for Conductive Education and former Director General of the András Pető Educational Training and Educational Institute for the Disabled was born on 17 October, 1947 in Budapest. Through her mother, Ily Székely, she grew up together with conductive pedagogy.

After a year spent at the Budapest University of Technology, she chose conductive education as her profession: she went through all the stages of conductor training and conductor work in Villányi Street.

As the Deputy Director General with Mária Hári, and since 1994 as the Director General of the institution, she has been dedicated to organizing the possibilities of accreditation of conductor training as well as the further study and qualification of conductors. With her outstanding professional activity, she was committed to the cause of conductive education both domestically and internationally, emphasizing the role of the institution and the Pető Association in training, further training and education.

With her death, we lost one iconic figure of conductive education.

On March 10, 2021, her family will take a final farewell from Ildiko Kozma in the scattering plot of the New Public Cemetery. More information on the Conductive Pedagogical Center1s commemoration will be provided soon.